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Rave Reviews

“If you remember me I’m your students Sudharshana…who attended ur NMIMS Personality Development Program. I still remember you used to teach in such a fantastic way that we never used to feel that we are learning something tuf! I still make it a point to visit ur site to read new stuff. I really like it Sir. I do all the exercises daily Sir, still remember its you who changed my Personality…. my outlook….thanking you sir.”

Sudharshana, Student

“I wanted to tell you that I have secured a place in MIT Manipal to study for my MBA! In fact I can add that I stood 3rd in the CET and am very proud to say that the Personality Development Course I attended went to great lengths in boosting my confidence and allowing me to perform in the way I did.”

Nayantara Hegde, Student

“Thanks a million. The reason being that I had joined your Personality Development Course and with your lessons and positive vibes I managed to change my attitude towards life and studies and I did clear my CA and landed a good job as well. And I still wait for your mails as they bring fresh ideas the zeal to live life with new vigour and enthusiasm.

Hetvi Bhatt, CA

“This letter is regarding thanking u… I think because of u I have changed a lot….I have now the ability to face difficult situation and face life…I have gained a lot of confidence after your training…and there is a good news…. I have become a CA and I would like to give a lot of credit to you as you have changed my attitude towards life…Thanking you a lot.”

Alpesh Gandhi, CA

“My name is Sreenivasan. I was in ICICI Bank and migrated to Canada and now settled in Toronto. I attended your Personality Development Course at NMIMS before leaving from Bombay. I find your course really helped me in building lot of confidence.”


“I attended your Personality Development Program. I wanted to inform you that I was promoted to Asst Mgr - Trg recently and I owe you the credit for showing me the right direction and helping me change that way I was. Thank you for the training as well as your many newsletters, which add to my growth.”

Rupali Monga, Transworks

“Memories may fade,Civilizations may die, But such great knowledge shared by you shall endure for years to come. I am Vinayak .Kamat , one of your disciples of the Deolali Leadership Camp wanting to learn more and more from you and thanking you for what you have shared with us. As I was going through the golden words that you gave, it really started pumping some power in me. I came to know that when you turn your eye from the negative to the affirmations in your life, you discover so many things.”

Vinayak Kamat

“Thanks for organizing such a wonderful and useful course .My son seems to feel more confident and focused on his goals and ambitions.I wish more such opportunities are provided to students in future.In today’s world where there is so much of competition,kids need to be MADE AWARE OF SUCH SKILLS which will prove useful to them throughout their life.”

Geetha Rajeev

“He came, he saw, he conquered…our hearts! We were captivated by the perspicacious wisdom and earthy humour of Mr. Rajiv Kumar Luv with his interactive session on the Topic: Self Development through Personality Development. He demonstrated through personal example that its possible to transform oneself from a self critical to a self appreciating type. There were several gems and pearls of wisdom as well as incisive examples. This teacher, speaker and altruist, Rajiv Luv certainly showed us how to Luv ourselves.”